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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February??? Already!!!

Oh, my, where has January gone? I was determined to do better at posting to my blog but looks like January has slipped away. Actually, I think it ran away! LOL!!!

If this means that better weather is on the way, then I am all for a fast winter! We have had the craziest weather! Last Thursday my car temperature gauge showed 84 and on Sunday we fell to barely above freezing. Today it is supposed to reach the low 60's but by tonight another cold front will hit us and we will be 17 degrees tomorrow night! Brrrrr!

That is perfect cuddling weather...if only I had someone to cuddle! He he he he!!!

Oh, well, that means more time for indoor activities...sewing, reading, being a couch potato and watching movies (I am really good at that!). But, my garage needs cleaning and organizing, so I guess I will be spending parts of my evenings doing that instead of something fun.

 An update on my Facebook friend...not much has changed. We are friendly towards each other, but the friendship has suffered a rift that will be hard to stitch back together.

Maybe if I write down some things that I definitely want to accomplish in February, I will have a better chance of getting them done...ya think?

Let's see....I want to:
          Finish cleaning and organizing my garage
          Paint the back outside walls of my house
          Paint the trim around door and air conditioner
          Sort closets, both clothes and shoes for garage sale

Wish me luck and I will keep you updated!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Facebook....some days it is the bane of my existence...other days it keeps me connected to friends and family.

I think we should all follow a few simple Facebook etiquette rules and tips and our lives would be so much easier and less drama would abound!

1) If you are mad at someone never post a suggestive status remark that might hurt them.
2) Keep family and friend arguments private.
3) Coat your words with sugar...you  may have to eat them
4) Posting such vindictive and caustic remarks often makes you look like the fool
5) Sometimes you have misunderstood...it isn't always about you.

I will add more on this later, but just know that I am dealing with just such a 'friend' and it saddens me.