Welcome to my blog where I tell you a little bit about my day...my loves...my likes...things that make me smile and where I may get a little racy and improper!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's a New Day and a Start of a New Decade!

Welcome! I hope that you will enjoy reading through my blog as I try to answer life's crazy questions and solve all the riddles that come my way. I have reached a mile marker in my life and have forgotten so many of the amazing things that happened that I have decided to chronicle as much of it as I can.

I am an over 50 gal trying to make her way through this maze/chaos that we call life and come out on the other end a stronger, wiser and a better person.

Warning!! Some of my future entries may be a little risque, so don't read if they might offend!

My adventures sometimes enter the realm of 'oh, my!' without me consciously realizing it. I considered labeling this blog The Tales of the Naughty Librarian, but didn't want to misrepresent my fellow librarian community or do anything that might lead to a less than stellar profile of the profession! LOL!

I love 
--my grandchildren, family, friends,
--browsing the Internet,
--following other blogs,
--learning new skills,
--reading anything but especially 'inspirational' novels (you know...we've all read them and they are they ones that cause us to blush and fan ourselves!),
--and everything about life!

Bear with me as I share the funny, the sad, the unbelievable and silly escapades and exploits that come my way. I might even share some of the quirks and foibles that seem to permeate my days! But, you will also have to put up with my fears, my loves, and my obsessions!

Several of my friends have confided that they are living vicariously through me...and they are right. I love life and my goal is to enjoy something in each and every day.